Everything we believe, do and produce begins with a thought.

Can you see this when Gabriel appears to Mary? The messenger and message offered a new thought about her future. The message from God, however, had no power over her until she received. “And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to your word. And the angel departed from her.”  She surrendered her beliefs, traditions and ways unto a new thought.  The result was the King of a New Kingdom was conceived.  What she must have felt like that night to consume the presence of God and the infinite power of His Spirit.

The following day she would take her next step. She would go to Elizabeth, whom Gabriel had mentioned, to be surrounded by someone who would help nurture this new Seed in her. All is great and wonderful until the time came to expose herself to the world around her.  This whole experience was promised in Isaiah hundreds of years prior and was read among the elders of the community. It still did not mean they would accept it outside of their traditions.  The scribes and Pharisees knew the promise as a truth, but their beliefs and traditions prevented them from receiving it.  Even Joseph needed an angelic visitation to open his eyes to what the Father wanted to bring to mankind. He also embraced this Promise, leaving the traditions of his world and what he worked for, to see this new birth take place.

Mary’s Decision

Mary had to deal with her old thoughts, cultural shame and rejection. This was a result of receiving the most amazing Promise. I am sure there were many whispers on what to do with a girl pregnant that was not yet married, especially when it was not the result of her future husband. Her life and the child were in great danger. The decision she made, however,  gave place in her heart that allowed this thought, or Seed, to grow on the inside. This Promise created a greater internal pressure than the negative external pressure, and in time, came out for all the world to experience.  Her promise outgrew the limitations imposed by the world around her.  A new King of a new Kingdom was birthed.

A New Thought

During this week, many will be making resolutions and commitments for the new year.  It is during this time we evaluate the last year and allow fresh start to emerge.  Statistically, all of these new ideas will die in the first few weeks as we spend more time trying to will power a new thought.  It is like trying to pressure an internal change using outside forces. New births always begin on the inside by a planted seed we receive and will produce the intended fruit of its DNA.

As we close the celebration of the nativity, let us take a new thought from this for the next year. Let the Father of Hope birth in your heart a new thought. Even as contrary to your environment as it may seem.  Let the realities of the Promiser override your natural thoughts of the possibility of the promise. Remember, it is our role to conceive the promise, it is the seeds (or promise’) role to produce. As an expecting mother finds out she is pregnant, she begins to prepare for this gift. In the same way, let the promises and thoughts of the Father become such a reality, that we prepare for them as an expecting mother.  Embrace new relationships that will encourage that promise and be patient with the naysayers. Then watch and see what has been conceived outgrow the limitations and give birth to new realities that the Father purposes in your life.


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