In Christmas ponderings, or pondering the miraculous event of Jesus birth, it has become challenging wrapping the mind around the impact of this moment and all that transpired.

One thing that is an attention grabber is watching God (viewed from the Old Testament) revealing His true nature. This is for mankind to see, handle and touch, as the Apostle John describes.

This event was more than just a way to redeem us from sin, which He did and was critical.  It was His great love bringing Himself into our world, through His Son in order to relate to us.  Think about that for a moment, He became like us in order for us to relate to Him.

God is Relational

As a parent, we lovingly step into our children’s world in order to build the confidence and trust in our relationship.  We go to musicals, games, recitals and even play their games in order for them to know our thoughts towards them. We don’t do this because of their performance, but because of our belief and love towards them. In time when the love of the parent child relationship grows,  the child like ways begin to take on a new maturity and they begin modeling the parent.

This is seen in the birth of our Savior, Lord and King.  God stepping out of His grandeur and entering into our world motivated by love.  This event was an historic collision of heaven and earth, between the seen and the unseen.  The overall result was so all could experience His true nature and thoughts towards us. This is in order for a restoration of this Father child relationship we were designed to have.  His loving motive revealed in the angelic statement,  “Peace on earth and GOOD WILL  towards man.”


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