Introducing the Father to a fatherless world!

Moo's testimony - A journey from Buddhism to Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit


What happens when someone believes in you? More importantly what happens when God believes in you? This is the testimony of Tao. A young man in our Mission: 300 program who discovered a relationship with God in a powerful way.


300 FC is a group of our guys that have been part of Mission: 300 and led by one of our original participants, Doh.
They are not only players, but have become community leaders and have reshaped the community around them with integrity, honor and respect.

P.s. They need a new room for the trophies they have earned in the Province.


These guys were willing to take on the next challenge level which includes a lot of reading, reports, and different challenges utilizing a local gym who is helping us with their development.
What they have overcome so far in their life has been tremendous and now they want to go further.
Climbing is just a tool, which they have never done, in order to expand in their mind what is possible.

One of the things a father does for a son.

Phase 1 - We kicked off a new project for the guys in the JD. 
They had to come up with an idea for a business that includes all the jobs (i.e., marketing, PR, equipment, training, coaching, and sponsor relations). 
This they did by choosing to build a Football Club.  So they are off and running...

Jayson handles all the USA operations with Outboundlife and has been an amazing asset over all these years...and many more to come.

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