Your perceptions and intentions in life do not establish the truth. Truth must be based in something much less volatile than our constant maturing views or becoming immature for some. It must be the cornerstone on which reality can be built.

We saw this play out a few days ago when the landlord decided to bless us with having the inside of our house repainted. All was arranged and the painters began their journey of bringing to life the walls that have been dulled over the years. The first two days went great and the painters would return after the weekend. Monday morning rolled around and the painters were eager to start working, arriving twenty minutes early. We were all established in the truth of the set terms and expectations.

With a smile on my face I opened the front door to greet them by waving at them, as I have many people over the course of my life. They smiled back and I went back inside. Then something strange happened. They got back in their truck and drove away. I just thought they may have forgotten something. About an hour later I get a call from our landlord asking why we did not want the painters to work that day. This caused perplexed and confusion. The confusion was slowly turning to frustration as my thoughts began creating new scenarios. Maybe they wanted the day off and were creating a story to accommodate whatever other plans they had. I quickly arrested those thoughts before they went down the rabbit hole that had not even been dug yet.

I asked the landlord again how they came to that conclusion as I was at the door greeting them. He said, “Let me check and call you back.” He did and was told that we waved them off. Then it hit me like a lightning bolt, and I knew the problem. My American wave has a completely different meaning in Thailand. An American wave is a “good bye” not a welcome. To welcome is a different hand gesture. They simply responded to the gesture rather than pursuing more information to stand in the truth of our agreement. The next day when the painters came, we laughed at the situation and they realized as well that we were not pushing them away but welcoming them.

The Big Picture

We were both pursuing the truth, but our perceptions and ways distorted the true intentions of our actions. The result was the truth on the verge of being violated. Thankfully both party’s hearts were open to revisit the actions so we could reestablish our journey together into a painted house. This is a truth in every area. Just because a belief (with mannerisms that coincide), has become a part of the life we live, does not mean that we are established in truth. As the end of those ideas are as varied as the 7 billion people on the planet. The truth we are to embrace only can come from our source of life, our Father the Creator.

Our whole journey in relationship to Him through Jesus Christ is about a change of perception which enhances or alters our belief. Taking us from our old views into the truth. The truth that sets us free because we discover who we really are in Him and to Him rather than trying to live life through the lens of who we were. The old perception brings frustration, rejection, malice, anger and all the other nonsense. The new perception that is formed in truth is full of joy, peace, and hope to name a few. It is where truth becomes clear and the light of life becomes brighter.


Living From Our Source

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