Introducing the Father to a fatherless world!

Twelve and Alone

Imagine being a twelve year old boy going about life in the village.  One day after arriving home from school you find yourself with news that will affect your life forever.

This is beginning of Bon's story.  The news he received from his parents was that they were divorcing and both would leave the village.  The divorce would be hard to take on anyone, but now he may have to leave the village where he was born and raised.  Having no siblings or relatives to consult, the realities were hard for him to grasp.  The news did not get better as his parents decided to leave him at the house alone in the village. He now found himself abandoned and alone.

Bon did not respond to the news by shrinking back. Rather, he focused on his first challenge: staying in school.  This would not be an easy task as he did not have any resources to pay for it.  He proceeded in finding a part-time job at a local autobody shop.  This served his financial needs and allowed him over the next three years to complete the equivalent of the sixth grade.  The problem that was emerging was the drugs that seemed to surround the body shop.  He realized this was not a good place for him and wanted to leave, but he did not know where to go. This world finally had it's toll and he gave in.  Fortunately for him, this did not last long as he found himself shortly after in the juvenile probation system for drug possession. 

He responded to this in a productive way.  After one year in probation, he decided to transfer offices to find a new life in Chiang Mai City. He found a job at local hotel and continued his reporting to the Chiang Mai office.  Coincidentally, at this time a new mentorship program was being launched, Mission: 300. 

Bon has now been an active part of our program for over a year.  He has also been a leader in our after probation "Mission: 300" group, since completing his probation requirements.  A couple times a month he donates his time to assist us in the Juvenile Prison in order to show hope to the young men imprisoned. Two months ago, we recognized him for completing level one and two of our program with a sword.  We were pleased to honor him with our sword representing Mission: 300 four pillars: Identity, Strength, Courage and Influence.

Bon's journey is just beginning, but he now says, "I am not alone."