Keng joined our Mission: 300 group several months ago through an invitation by Pai, one of our group leaders.

When he joined the group he seemed harsh and appeared to be on the edge for a fight when a challenging conflict came about.  One of the challenges was that the group enjoyed a football match after the modules and this was not his strong suit.  It was not long, however, as the guys helped him find his place and playing goalie became his pleasure as his confidence grew.  It was not long when he purchased a new set gloves and he owned the position.  He seemed to throw himself “all in” at every opportunity that was presented.

Keng took our Life Mapping modules to heart and eagerly put the habits into practice. He appeared to be taking on the meaning of his own name, Keng, meaning wise. He walked through the topics of Desire, Focus and Motivation. It was in these times you could see God working on his heart and mind. He began the process of writing down his life’s goal and began making weekly small steps towards his objectives.  His passion is to be a soldier and fight to protect others.  He was overweight so he began his plan with jogging and weekly exercises.  Food was his biggest challenge and was hard for him to restrain. To battle this he went at it from a different approach, he focused on what he looks like as a soldier, rather than a large person trying to stop eating.

During this time another element of his character emerged, a man of justice and a leader.  He became the protector of the group.  If anyone posted something inappropriate or disrupted the group, Keng immediately said something and it did not happen again.  He was not changing into something he was hoping to be, he was becoming what he believed himself already to be, a protector of others.

On April 4th, he went to Mae Rim Military Office and applied for the military service.  A week later he received his acceptance letter to begin his service for Thailand.  What also emerged, through different conversations, was the honor of marriage and loyalty it represents. This was a new enlightenment in spite of his upbringing.  He decided to marry his faithful girlfriend, Prae, who has supported him being in our group for the last several months.  He did not want to just live with her, as what is quite common.  Instead, he wanted to commit his life to her as well. On April 17th, he got engaged and they will marry on his return from basic training.

Keng has become a role model in our group and the guys look up to him. He found what he wants and no longer hesitates to pursue it. The positive reports from his mom and girlfriend’s family reveals the change in his life. His mom and girlfriend’s family is happy on his recent decision making. Keng has truly become an influence on his family, friends and community around him.  He is becoming Keng.


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