Introducing the Father to a fatherless world!

A Fresh Drink

Fluke has begun to drink from a new perspective in life and his life has taken on a new shape.

Fluke was in the probation system for about three and a half years when we launched our Mission: 300 program for the DOP.  Up until that point, not much had changed in his life except for the mandatory reporting. For his final six months, he joined with us in learning about his future through our modules: Desire, Focus, and Motivation. His participation was often disengaged or cracking jokes in hope to disrupt the other guys. Slowly he began to come to our activities such as football (soccer), hiking or other events. Even though he was there, he still did not seem that interested. Most of the time he would just hang out and observe. After awhile he started becoming more engaged in the program.

Fluke had a history of gang violence, with a sliced ACL from a sword during a gang fight a few years earlier that serves as a reminder.  However, none of this was observed during our events.  He seemed to become more calm and strategic, rather than reacting when things did not always go his way.  It was during this time in the program that he discovered what he wanted to do in life, causing him to drift from his former associations and engaging even more into the activites. This led to him becoming a leader of a team for the first Probation/Torch football league in November 2015. The change was becoming quite apparent.  

Several months ago he was offered a better job at an upscale coffee house.  During this time, due to the distance he disappeared from our program.  Last month, due to schedule adjustments, he was able rejoin the group.  He was a different person.  Fluke became a responsible man, had a new respect for woman (as seen in his treatment of his girlfriend), and had been promoted in his job. He shared with us that he has big hopes now for the future.  He had been saving money to start a family and has has just about saved enough to purchase a car.

Fluke has become a great example and leader to his friends from probation, rather than a distraction. Watching his demeanor, confidence and humble respect towards others was really remarkable.  He truly has discovered a new hope and knows their is much more out their that he looks forward to understanding.  He is beginning to drink from a new perspective of life.