Nook has been in our program for about six months and in March/April approached us of his desire to know God. Growing up in a Thai government children’s home when his Chinese parents passed away. He came to believe that he was on his own. The monks provided no answers to his hearts pursuits, just additional rules and empty riddles. After his approach to us we spent several times a week discussing Jesus, Father, and the Holy Spirit. Addressing who we are, who He is and who we are to him. He was like a sponge and eagerly embraced all of it. It was also quite a powerful observation to see how quickly his interaction with the Father was like a real father and son. This became the most clear when last month he had to make a big life decision.


He is at the age where he has to register for the mandatory military draft. If he chooses a red card he enters the military six months from the drawing for over a year. If he chooses a black card he does not have to serve. The other option was to volunteer and his term would be six months. His biggest request was to not have to enter. He began asking us to pray that God would give him a black card. As we began talking, I explained that God was not like Karma where it is just luck if the rituals are in order. I suggested another approach that he had already been doing in other areas of his life recently, “Why don’t we ask the Father what is best for me and have him give you an answer than act on it.”

A New Way

The following week he game to our Sunday morning study and he was eager to share what happened, “As I was talking to God I knew it would be best for me to volunteer, even though it was the one thing I did not want to do, but it was such a peaceful idea. The next day,” he continued, “My uncle visited me and we went to dinner. (He did not know about the military decisions or questions.) Nook just started saying how good it would be for my future if I joined the military. He began expressing how (in Thailand) you have preferential treatment to jobs, education and other government resources.” Then Nook summed up his experience, “God was with me and knew the best plan for me even though I was afraid. He told me the answer than brought me more understanding about the decision. God is not like Buddha, he actually cares to answer and help me.”

Sunday, he had his last meal as a civilian as he entered his next six months as a soldier. Keep him in prayer as the Father reveals himself more and more in his life.

I have learned a lot from watching Nook and it just reminded me of how much the Father does not want to be just a navigational tool, but deeply involved in the whole process of your life. As one of His greatest desires is a tangible relationship with you. Not hiding information, but opening your eyes to see what he sees than going with you in the journey.


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