At the core of all that we do is a heart change that comes with a relationship with Jesus Christ.

To introduce the Father to the fatherless…

To provide mentorship solutions that model and inspire transformation…

To bridge the fatherless gap in activities and education…

Since 2010

Location and venue

Thailand and some USA locations
Children’s home, high schools, juvenile probation/detention, sports, churches, and community events


Connect participants to fathering mentors that inspire hope, seek to understand, draw out into confidence, see beyond the surface and choose to believe. This is done through our program Mission: 300. Our general program that is open to the community operates on Tuesday and Thursday night with 35 to 60 participants regularly attending. We are also responsible for three Thai provinces juvenile probation departments. Our program is a mandatory requirement to complete their probation expectations, with approximately 350 to 500 participants each year. The third application is in the juvenile detention with 30 to 4o participants assigned to our program in preparation for release.

This does not include our smaller version of Mission: 300 and Torch League that operates in Ban Zebrae under the leadership of operations director.


Bring activities that create a family environment and build confidence. A place where those mentored can discover their identity, reveal strength, develop the courage stand for others, and practice influencing the world around them. Our largest outreach is our Torch League. This football league was formed from our Mission: 300 outreach by our staff and participants. They have utilized this platform to give back to the community. Each week the outreach brings in over 300 players and coaches. This includes teams from the police department and other government offices. It also has brought in an additional 500 + friends and family that come to watch each week. We have seen such a positive impact on community relations and is also the place where our Church Fellowship began.


We operate a TESOL certified English programs is several Thai locations. It has proven an effective tool in connecting to the community and to those who are outside the reach of our other programs.

Biblical education in order to to uplift the world with hopeful solutions to the fatherless epidemic around us. Bring understanding to the role of the Father and the gap we all desire to have filled. Communicate the heart of God the Father towards mankind..