Introducing the Father to a fatherless world!

Leadership Challenge Winner!

We kicked off Torch League tonight.

Last week the Mission: 300 guys at the Juvenile Training Center were given a challenge (see previous post).

Last week at the Juvenile Training Center we gave our Misson: 300 guys a challenge.

Twins in the valley of probation, now rising to new heights!

A dream becoming a reality! John makes the National Cricket Team!

Fluke has begun to drink from a new perspective in life and his life has taken on a new shape.

Keng joined our Mission: 300 group several months ago through an invitation by Pai, one of our group leaders.

"Character is not built by environmentally pressing one's actions into a mold through reward or discipline...this is compliance and produces no internal change." Bryan Greenwood

In life you will experience hits, but what we do with them is the the real story.

Over the last couple of months, we had a new participant to our Mission: 300 program, Nut.

January 19, 2016 we presented Mission: 300 to the Department of Justice regional officers in Chiang Mai.

This has been an exciting journey over the last year, as all the building blocks finally came together to host our first Alpha program at the Physical Education University in Chiang Mai.