Why do we quit?
Our program participants asked this question and the top answer was: a lack of confidence.
This is the place where we lose sight of who we are and accept the results of our circumstances as personal. A famous character found himself in this place, or rather was found in this condition…Gideon. It was not until he accepted his real identity, counter to his current cowardice, that he could begin to assess the circumstances objectively. From the awakened reality of his position, he brought his current situation into the perspective of confidence. He did this regardless of the odds.

After gaining a new perspective, the real Gideon, went on the offensive and oppressed his adversary. He responded by being relentless, oppressively constant, and incessant. His quitter to winner mentality did not come from will power, but the realization that we are not the sum total of the opinions of our environment. We are the sum total of the opinion of the One who has made us a conqueror of these environments.

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