Confidence and Humility

The balance between confidence and humility can be hard once you have a revelation of how God views us. It is a lowly position and yet Scripture states that we are seated with Him in heavenly places. His opinion and love for us goes so deep that He sent His only Son to sacrifice His life so we could be joined again with Him. His opinion of us, the authority we have given, and the way He has chosen to use us as vessels will forever be remarkable. 

When we understand how God views us, everything changes. We find our identity and we are secure whether on mountains or in valleys because God is walking with us. God so highly esteems and values us, he sacrificed it all just for us. Though we will never fully grasp it, once there is a better understanding of how He sees us, we no longer need to elevate ourselves. Now we can go lower to serve the people around us so that others may feel the same love Jesus has for them. We can put down how we are seen by others, the masks we feel to put up, and the striving to “get to the top” becomes reversed. 

There is a distinction between being humiliated and being humble. Humility shows selflessness and servitude while humiliation presents a view of being unworthy or a mistake. The understanding of God’s view of us eliminates the need to prove ourselves because the Lord is our strength. Humility recognizes who you are to then positions you to lift up others. This is exactly what a true leader does. A leader does not take a position of power to dominate authority but it comes alongside others the help lead the way. Jesus did this. In all His glory He came down in the flesh so we could fully know Him and to lead the way to the Father.

When we understand who God is and we know his ways are higher than our ways, yet we are heirs to his kingdom! When we understand our position he will exalt us. As soon as we exalt ourselves, it becomes a matter of proving to the world what your flesh is instead of walking in God’s favor.

Lauren Paige