Introducing the Father to a fatherless world!

Why We Need Heroes

In this episode, Jayson and Bryan venture into the story of the iconic boxer James J. Braddock, also known as Cinderella Man.  We break down his life story from his birth in New York's infamous Hell's Kitchen, living through the Spanish Flu Pandemic, losing everything in the Great Depression, and from the bottom rising up from extreme poverty to becoming the world boxing heavyweight champion.  A man of deep faith that lived out his principles and would not compromise to the easy way out. 

A great example for our current day.  The question is why do we not have these kind of heroes emerging today, or have we created a society that villainizes those who would dare hold true to their values in spite of all the odds?

The quote that best summarizes this episode is from Father Charles Rorick:
"Maybe Sometimes people need to see someone do it so they can do it themselves."



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