Introducing the Father to a fatherless world!

Nut's on Top

Over the last couple of months, we had a new participant to our Mission: 300 program, Nut.

He was invited by two of our senior participants who reached out to him knowing he needed a place to connect. Upon his arrival he immediately engaged and sought out every opportunity to grow.

Last week he shared with Bee, our Director, that his contract as an assistant cook ended and now he needs to find a new job. This was followed by a request for assistance in the search. He had been searching only to find himself turned down due to his young age of eighteen. His responsibility level is not reflective of his age, as he is in his second year of vocational school and has to completely support himself. In addition, his character has been easily observed through his interactions in our program.

A few days ago, Bee found an opportunity at a large local restaurant chain for an Assistant Cook. He forwarded the information to Nut who immediately seized the opportunity. Nut contacted them and set up an interview. This was followed by Bee contacting the Human Resources as a character reference. At the interview, Nut was asked why, besides being a good cook, should they offer him the job. He responded, “Because he was in Mission: 300 and learning to be a leader.”

Out of the ten candidates with same qualifications, and older, he rose to the top and was selected. When he shared this on Sunday, it was not the job that made him so joyful, it was the idea that he had value. After he told us what had happened, he asked us a question, “Why do you want to help me?” The answer was easy to find, as it is why my Father helps us, “Because you are worth it.”