Introducing the Father to a fatherless world!

Mission: 300 Goes To The Ministry of Justice

January 19, 2016 we presented Mission: 300 to the Department of Justice regional officers in Chiang Mai.

justicepresentation2The morning went better than expected as the receptiveness to a solution that plagues all of the justice department, fatherlesseness.  This was an eye opening experience for many of them as we presented the statistics and issues that any society faces when the fatherless issues are not addressed.  The economic implications also resounded as most of these departments exist as a result of this problem. 

The results of this meeting has brought us to be a consultant to all ten departments under the Ministry of Justice to address issues when foreigners are brought into the system.  This also includes programming consulting to better insure awareness to the communities and families in order to be preventive.

We are pleased that not only do we believe that Mission: 300 is making an impact on our audience, but it is being promoted beyond our areas of influence.