Introducing the Father to a fatherless world!
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In this episode, Jayson and Bryan embark on the age old question in the hearts of most people. 
Why is their suffering? What causes it? How is it and how do we escape it?  What is it after? 
We tackle these questions and take a fresh look at what it is after. 
Exposing the deeper question what is beyond it.



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In this episode, Jayson and Bryan kick off with the famous Rocky Balboa speech. 
They discuss the power of rising up from who you really are and shaking off the limitations of the environment we live...
and much more.



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Jayson and Bryan examine the foundation of both our natural and spiritual world and how the father is critical to its order.
We discuss how Jesus exposes the reality of the benefits and necessity of the father child relationship. 

What does a father bring into our life, how to model and where to begin are also brought to light.

This is a two part series that is the precursor to episode 28.



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Jayson and Bryan are joined by Pastor Bernardo Porter for an intriguing look at societies foundational need for fathers.  We discuss the courage to not only step into the role, but to stand against the cultural war against it.  Bernardo also shares his story and how to walk as a father in a blended family and re-establish this loving position that every child (and adult) longs for.

You will not be disappointed or positively challenged in this episode.



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In this discussion Jayson and Bryan go to the heart of the conflict that has been around since the beginning.

We break down the motivation of Cain towards Abel and how it is the same motivation going on in our world today.  How our identity and purpose as an individual has been under attack.  We explore the purpose and aim of this motivation.  How it plays into our thoughts and actions in our world today.

"Oblivion is full of people who allow the opinions of others to overrule their belief in themselves." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)



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Jayson and Bryan are joined with an amazing guest - Pastor Bernardo Porter from North Carolina.

Bernardo shares how the horrific death of George Floyd during his arrest has impacted himself, family, church and community.  He also shares his heart on the black, white and blue community.  In addition, strategies to begin bridging the gaps and responding to this tragedy in an impactful way.

We also discuss the need for each other to step into another persons world and not just give advice or join a cause, but to walk shoulder to shoulder through this divide...together.

You can also connect with Bernardo Porter:




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Jayson and Bryan discuss the power stories have on our lives.

How they have a greater influence on our beliefs than mere facts and ideas.

They also tackle the differences life without God, for God, receiving from God and doing life WITH God. This brings us into the reality that what is opposing the direction of our life does not negate the destination, but is just an obstacle to the destination.

This and more in this episodes discussion.



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In this episode Jayson and Bryan, strip down the surface noise to get to the platforms of truth to which we can build.

What is the line of truth that one holds that they are unwilling to break?

What is the cost of standing on a truth?

What is the difference between an expert and an authority over an area?

These topics and more in this discussion.



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n this episode, Jayson and Bryan journey below the surface at how we interpret new or information. 

How are view of life and minor biases drastically shape how we reject or accept what we hear and the outcome it produces.

They also examine what is really behind the conflict.

Discover how your identity and source of life can change your confidence and understanding to the information around you.



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In this episode Jayson and Bryan discuss the effects of a free individual and the implications on society.
We look at the affect of emotions, our decision making process and do we really want freedom.

Freedom is:
The absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action.
The power to determine action without restraint.
Greek word for liberty is the ability to do as one pleases.

Three areas of freedom: ownership, responsibility and power. Out of freedom emerges innovation, creativity and benevolence.

We also take a fresh look at the story of Cain and Abel from the perspective of a father training a son to live free and ruling over his own life.

Your comments and input are welcomed.



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