Introducing the Father to a fatherless world!

Mission Pillars

Mission: 300 Program Pillars

Identity is the basis for our direction in life and behavior exhibited.  Our program teaches, models and then walks alongside our participants for them to begin positively rooting themselves in their true identity.  An individual’s identity is only truly discovered when they know the source from where they came.  One of the meanings for father is source.  In our lives, specifically in those who have had either no father or one that was disengaged, finding our source is usually the drive for what we do in life.  We may not be able to replace the natural father, but by offering ourselves in belief, support, presence and direction we are able to begin reshaping the confidence in the existence of our participants.  This ultimately leading to a true and good view of their original source, Father God, bringing them into the assured confidence and results in life as a son of God.

Each one of us may be unique, but much of our strengths are just areas where we have given ourselves to resistance and seen power emerge.  Strength is not discovered by interest or just our bent in life.  It is only revealed and measured when it is in opposition to another force.  Like our muscles it can be developed to support the desires of our heart. Again, it is a measurement against an opposing force.  Our program strategically puts our participants in healthy, but challenging environments where there abilities and ideas can be opposed in order for their strengths to be revealed.  This also, in combination with a strong identity, builds a bulwark of confidence in the participants as the face the challenges and adventure of life.

Identity and strength focus on the individual, courage focuses on selflessly releasing oneself on behalf of others. We intentionally provide this opportunity in one of our team environments.  It is here where meaning comes to the individual by giving of themselves towards the advancement of someone else and the group as a whole.  It is the place where they put their own interests aside to advance a cause bigger than themselves while fighting for their partners.  It is from a place of courage where true change begins to take place in character and nobility.  In the end, they find their own identity and strengths emerge stronger and their personal value increased. 

When we compile a group of confident young men who know who they are, what they can do and are willing to courageously face the world around them then something happens . . . influence. This is the destination of the program: A group of young men who are neither moved by culture and environment, but are the catalyst of its change.  A group of young men who go on to be better friends, husbands, fathers and leaders.  We are pleased to see this happening since our launch of this program four years ago.  The fruit of our participants is the reason for the pursuit of the Thai Government to be swift to adopt our program as a solution to the fatherless epidemic.