Introducing the Father to a fatherless world!

Jepthah - A man of God's integrity

In this episode, Jayson and Bryan dive into the world of Jepthah and what Jesus saw when He read of him.  A deliverer from the book of Judges that has taken a lot of criticism for an unfortunate conflict that came about due to the integrity to his word.

He was a man of valor, but born of a prostitute, kicked out of his family and inheritance.  The result left him to roam the land with his band of worthless men.  What we are sure of is that he was righteous and a man of integrity.

In this discussion we discover is something more powerful, that our God and Father, will not break his word or promise even to His own hurt.  The picture of Jepthah also reveals the what happens to a people that ignore integrity and pursue their own interests without regard to their promises.



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